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MMO Code Of Conduct

Unread postby Orbicon » Thu Nov 06, 2014 5:08 pm

INC MMO Code Of Conduct

INC has a reputation for being a mature and friendly social community. This is to be reflected in all our activities and conduct. The following are points that aim to propagate and further that view.

  • Your guild tag is always on show at all times, please remember to be polite and respectful while interacting with other players. You are not just representing a guild, you are representing the community. The actions from one person can reflect directly on the community as a whole and therefore any incidents of bullying, racism, sexism or anything that and one individual feels that is is not appropriate will be investigated and not condoned in any way.

  • You should refrain from swearing with typed words in either the guild chat or group channels as it is not permitted, but you may swear on the voice servers as long as you are not asked not to for whatever reason during that session. Please be mindful of others using these resources and treat them with politeness and respect, do not be disrespectful.

  • No begging for help, money or equipment. If there is anything you need from another member please ask them politely. If they are unable to help you at that point please do not pester them.

  • If you have an issue with a member from the guild and cannot resolve it with them please bring the matter to an officer's attention. If the problem is with an officer please contact the GM. If the problem is with the GM, please contact them and have a chat about the problem.

  • When doing group activities members of the guild will always be considered first. If you are a member of INC but you are in another guild or on a different realm you will be asked/invited to join in on that activity if there is room.

  • Whilst raiding or participating in group content please remain helpful and considerate, not everyone is a season veteran of the game you are playing. DO NOT jump on the 'noob' bandwagon, all goating of this nature will be frowned upon and not tolerated in anyway shape or form, failing to follow this rule will specifically result in a warning and in some case being kicked from the activity/guild.

  • Names of characters must be in good taste, and family friendly. The guild officers have the final say and will not admit any character with a name that goes against this rule.

Loot Rules

Progression Raids: For progression raids we shall use Loot Master. The Raid Leader may choose to designate master looter to another party member. The master looter loots the boss and then announces the looted items one by one. Whoever needs the announced item does a /roll, which initiates an individual numeric roll. The one who has the highest roll is awarded the item.

Classic Raids, Trasmog runs & Other Guild Events: For these type of events we will use the default Group Loot.

NEED: You may need on any item that is an update for the character you are playing. If you want that item for transmog please ask before selecting Need.

GREED: You may greed on any item that you wish to have. This is what you should select if you intend to sell the item or send to an alt.

PASS: If you have no desire to sell the item or use it, you may elect to pass on the item.

BoE and Recipes & Materials: Any items that are BoE, Recipes or crafting materials the Raid Leader will offer a Need roll. If nobody needs the Raid Leader may choose to place that Item in the guild bank or vender the item for gold to go into the guild bank.
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