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INC Raiding Guidelines

Unread postby Orbicon » Thu Nov 06, 2014 5:12 pm


These guidelines in this post are primarily meant to support the official guild raids led by Raid Leaders/Guild Officers.

  • Please signup to raids via You will need to first create an account and add the character you wish to raid with.

  • Make sure you have read up or watched videos on each boss fight you are attempting for the first time. Please make sure you have a basic understanding of each boss fight.

  • You are expected to be online approximately 15 minutes before the raid is due to start. Either be in front of the instance or ready to be summoned. If you are unable to do so please make sure you notify the Raid Leader/Guild Officer beforehand.

  • Be on Teamspeak and in the correct channel even if it's just to listen.

  • Please make sure you bring Flasks, Food ( There will be some feasts available), Potions and Healing Tonics.

  • Your gear should be fully enchanted and gemmed. We recommend using Ask Mr. Robot for gear optimization.

  • Loot master will be used for all progession raids. Please see Code of Conduct for Loot Rules.

  • Please make sure you have the following addons installed. All these are available on curse.

      Deadly Boss Mods (dbm): This is a boss alert mod. Everyone who intends to come to raids should have this installed. You will not be invited unless you have this installed.

      All should have a Damage meter: Either Skada or Recount.
  • If you need to have a short break of no more than 10 minutes or leave early, please let the Raid Leader/Guild Officer know before you leave so that a break can be organised or a replacement found.
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