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My WoW Server ( Terrible Server )

Unread postby Stoney » Sun Jan 22, 2012 12:56 am

I play a Blood elf paladin called Pausegame on a Eu realm called Ghostlands(PVE) however i choose to go for the PvP spect of the game..

Good Points
Community. The community on the realm is extremely good, its not an overpopulated realm but it isnt low in population, everyone knows everyone.

PvE Guilds.. a fair few pve guild well into the hardmode progression however they arnt anything too special.

that about sums it up for the good points.. now for the bad points...

Bad Points

Community.. I know it was in the good points however everyone on this realm is a troll, mix of bad and good. Everyone is rude to each other, no one in the realm is helpful in anyway what so ever.

PvP - On the Horde side there is about 10-15 players with 2.2k arena xp+.. that is shocking to be honest.. there are 10 people on the realm that have 2.2kxp+ in RBGS that is just 1 RBG team ( i heal the fc wooop! ) however that RBG team has now been disbanded due to people quitting becuase wow has kind of lost its touch in the yes of alot of people.. So yeah now the PvP on the realm is basically dead.

Nothing Happens on the realm that remotely funny or enjoyable however there was a guild that used to be about called Meddling Kids that used to do very funny and stupid things on a weekl basis ( go google it ) they used to film there stuff put it on warcraftmovies and youtube etc.. But now everywhere is dead no big world pvp battles or anything.. bordem overwelming.
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