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RISA - Rod-INC Sw:TOR Alliance Charter

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RISA - Rod-INC Sw:TOR Alliance Charter

Unread postby Grandma » Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:20 am

This is the formal charter agreement between ourselves and Roses of Dawn that sets out the terms for our alliance and for if we are to have others join the alliance. The codes of conduct have been agreed between the members of the alliance in order so that there's a common behaviour and level of maturity within the game from all communities signed up to it. Most of this may not concern you all but is simply for informational purposes for you, although I would ask you to pay attention to the code of conduct section as that does concern you.

Charter for RoD-INC SW:TOR Alliance (RISA)

1. The RoD-INC SW:TOR Alliance exists to enable members of Roses of Dawn, INC Gaming Clan, and such other like minded guilds as may join the alliance, to experience more challenging, multi-player game content in a supportive social environment.

2. In pursuit this purpose, the Alliance will organise: in-game chat channels, an Alliance event calendar, monthly rep meetings, a code of conduct, guidelines for operations, loot distribution rules, TeamSpeak servers, social events, and any additional facilities as agreed by the guild representatives' meetings.

3. There will be three classes of guild membership: Foundation (full voting rights), Associate (everything except vote on new guilds/expulsions), Trial (limited access to forums etc.)

4. Each constituent guild must provide a guild representative and a deputy. The representative's responsibilities are: to attend Alliance meetings, to bring guild concerns or suggestions to the Alliance, to put alliance concerns and suggestions to the guild, to ensure guild members conform to the Code of Conduct in Alliance groups and channels. The deputy's responsibilities are to support the guild representative, and to attend Alliance meetings when the representative is unavailable.

5. Members of the constituent guilds must abide by the Alliance Code of Conduct while using Alliance chat channels (see list) and in playing in Alliance groups.

6. Provisions 1 to 5 describe the purpose and activities of the Alliance. The remaining provisions state how various exceptional events will be handled, should the need arise. Provisions may be removed, or new provisions added, by unanimous agreement of Foundation and Associate member guilds.

7. Constituent guilds are responsible for ensuring that their members abide by the Code of Conduct. Persistent bad behaviour by guild members in Alliance channels and groups may result in the guild being expelled from the Alliance.

8. A guild that persistently breaks Code of Conduct or other Alliance rules and takes no credible action to correct this (sincere effort with incomplete success should be given credit) may be expelled from the Alliance by majority vote of Foundation members. [Guideline for "persistently": more than 3 instances of bad behaviour in 1 month.]

9. New guilds can apply to join the Alliance. The process described below will be followed:

a. Applicant guild sends a representative to the monthly Alliance meeting to put their case for membership

b. Foundation and associate member guilds research the applicant guild through forums, game play with members etc.

c. if looks likely to be a good fit, a 4 week trial period is offer, during which the applicant guild can participate in Alliance

d. all Foundation members vote after 4 weeks, if at least one in favour and none against, the applicant guild becomes associate

e. after 3 months the associate guild may be promoted to Foundation membership on the unanimous vote of existing Foundation members

10. Any member guild may voluntarily leave the Alliance at any time. Access to Alliance chat channels, groups and events will be withdrawn from members of that guild.

11. If a member guild fails to conform to these provisions, any Alliance guild may call a vote for the offender to be expelled from the Alliance. The vote will be decided on a simple majority of Foundation member guilds.

12. In event of a tie on any vote, the result will be "no change". E.g. a vote to accept a new member, they do not join; a vote to change the provisions of the charter, they do not change.

RISA Code of Conduct

1. Treat others with respect at all times
2. No hate speech
3. No exploits or hacks
4. No grief play
5. No swearing in written chat channels
6. No offensive emotes
7. Swearing is permitted in voice channels

RISA Guidelines for Operations

See separate document.

RISA List of Member Guilds

1. Foundation members: Roses of Dawn, INC Gaming Clan
2. Associate members: none at the moment
3. Trial members: none at present

RISA List of chat channels

Alliance communications channels comprise:
· The Rod_INC channel
· Party and Ops channels for Alliance events, flashpoints and operations

Document control

Version: 1.0
Date: 09 April 2012
Document owners: Grandma (INC) and Mymosa (RoD)
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