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Guild Bank Guidelines

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Guild Bank Guidelines

Unread postby Grandma » Wed May 09, 2012 1:10 pm

Please bear in mind the following for using the guild bank.

Regardless of rank you may:

  • Deposit any amount of credits as a donation
  • Deposit any number of items
  • Request an item from an officer or above

Full members or above additionally will be able to:
  • Take items out of the guild bank themselves (item limits apply per tab, per week)

For special events:
  • The GM may enable guild repair fund - this can be used by all those taking part in that event - no-one else should use it

If you take an item, please look to deposit a fair amount of credits for the item you are taking or an item of similar value or work towards putting similar value back into the bank as soon as you can.

Any disputes will go the the GuildMaster to resolve. Whilst the best will be done to resolve them, please bear in mind that it may not be possible to do so and that any items deposited may not be able to be returned. The guild bank is a valuable resource for all, where items can be crafted for the use of others and where guild members can pool resources to help each other out. The GuildMaster will look to try and keep the bank organised and may remove and sell items at any tmie in order to make space. Credits made from the sale of these items will be deposited back into the guild bank funds.

If you can all deposit whatever you can spare, craft whatever you can that will likely be useful to others, we can work together to make ourselves a better guild with more resources for all within.

Items of particular usefullness atm:

Augmentented clothing items (Often worth 50k each)
Biochem crafted end-game stims that do not require Biochem to use (eg prototype_hyper_battle_fortitude_stim) (Often worth 10k each)
Crafted End-Game Generators/Implants/Earpieces (Often worth 10-300k each)
Crafted lvl50 Speeders (Often worth 150k each)
Enhancements / Mods from level 50 Dailies (Free from dailies)
Crafted lvl 50 Armorings
Augments - all levels

We are particularly looking to raise enough funds to get another tab for the guild bank, the next one is going to cost 2million. We would like as many people as possible to run the dailies in order to contribute to the guild bank. There will likely also be new guild features coming out in the coming month, so we need to build up a mil or two after purchasing the new tab also.
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