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Jedi Knight - Sentinel Guide (Watchman build)

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Jedi Knight - Sentinel Guide (Watchman build)

Unread postby Lunalion » Fri Jun 22, 2012 7:38 am

Primary Stat

Strength is the primary stat for a(n) Watchman spec Jedi Sentinel and should be on every piece of your gear. Strength improves the damage and healing of your abilities as well as your Critical Chance.

Secondary Stats

Secondary stats are more varied than primary stats and have different caps for each stat. Choose secondary stats that help meet the following caps without going over the cap for each stat. Stats are arranged from most to least important for a(n) Watchman spec Jedi Sentinel.

Secondary Stat Priority

Accuracy (110%) > Critical Rating (30%) = Surge Rating (75%) > Power/Force Power.

Stat Summaries

Accuracy Rating: Increases the chance that your attacks will successfully hit the target. Normal attacks (Ranged/Melee) start with a base chance to hit of 90% and special attacks (Force/Tech) start with a 100% chance to hit. Bosses have a 10% defense chance which can be offset by 10% Bonus Accuracy for a total of 100% Ranged/Melee Accuracy and 110% Force/Tech Accuracy. 10% Bonus Accuracy is the optimal amount to obtain for PvE and is reached at about 325 Accuracy Rating.

Critical Rating: Increases your Critical Chance for scoring a critical hit. A base critical hit does an additional 50% damage/healing for a minimum of 150% damage/healing on a critical attack. The value of Critical Rating decreases above 30% Critical Chance or about 350 Critical Rating.

Surge Rating: Increases the Critical Multiplier for damage done by a critical hit. Surge Rating increases the amount of additional damage/healing done by a critical hit by up to an additional 50% damage for critical hits that do up to 200% normal damage/healing. The value of Surge Rating decreases above 75% Critical Multiplier or about 300 Surge Rating.

Power/Force Power: Increases the bonus damage/healing of your abilities. Power is available on armor and item modifications while Force Power is only available on weapons. However, the effects of these two stats are identical.


Best in Slot PvE Armoring is obtained via the new Campaign gear released in Patch 1.2. Campaign gear is class-specific and PvE armor set bonuses are now a part of the Armoring found within the Campaign gear. This Armoring may be moved to other gear and will transfer the PvE set bonuses to the new item.

The most accessible PvE Armoring is obtained via the new Black Hole gear released in Patch 1.2. Black Hole gear has similar stats to Campaign gear but does not offer PvE set bonuses.


Best in Slot: ImageAdvanced Might Hilt 26
Most Accessible: ImageAdvanced Might Hilt 23
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Re: Jedi Knight - Sentinel Guide (Watchman build)

Unread postby Shekin » Fri Jun 22, 2012 7:48 am

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Re: Jedi Knight - Sentinel Guide (Watchman build)

Unread postby MrYellow » Fri Jun 22, 2012 9:02 am

Was wondering, why advanced_might_hilt_26 as best in slot for a hilt? They might be a bit more difficult to get (not sure, haven't tried), but a advanced_might_hilt_28 has slightly higher stats and also requires level 50.
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