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Setting up a forum

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Setting up a forum

Unread postby DJRenegade » Sat Jan 21, 2017 4:07 am

Hey guys, this is aimed mainly at people with experience setting up and running forums.

I have been asked by a community (non gaming related!) if I can set up a forum for them. I am expecting a few hundred people to sign up relatively fast, possible growing into the 1000's over a short period of time as the facebook group currently has 12000+ members and if the admins of that group back this idea and do not do it themselves I think a large portion of the group will move to the forums for discussions. You can currently expect to scroll down a long way within seconds of posting on the group just to see your message in the busier times of the day. I want some advice on setting them up, I know the basics but because I am expecting more than 20-30 people to register I am a little worried I may do something silly.

phpBB, vbulletin or other? What would you recommend? Also pros and cons when suggesting if possible :) I want to be able to make them look nice with community provided content, and I would like them to be relatively simple to moderate. I am familiar with phpBB but is there anything better at the moment? Also would you use a site to help set them up like and then buy a domain and link them or would you just host it yourself from the get go? Also who would you recommend for the hosting if that is the case? Is there anything other than the forum I would need to setup?

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated, its been a long time since I even touched anything like this, other than the moderators section of these forums, in a long time. I am hoping to have something online within the next few days!
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Re: Setting up a forum

Unread postby Grandma » Sat Jan 21, 2017 12:03 pm

If it's about capacity it's more about setting up the backend well and having something that is efficient at the high number of queries. Either pick your own hosting and do from the get-go in terms of making sure you have plenty of ram and plenty of caching and optimisation on the site or go and use someone's product that is designed for it. Host the site on a different piece of hardware/virtual hardware than the database. I'd probably avoid phpBB for what you've described. Been a while since I looked at this so the above is all I could say. However, whilst the facebook might get be really popular - the majority will not use a forum these days, so don't commit to something crazy in a contract because you may not need it, make the solution scalable down as well as up. Also - make sure you use some sort of openauth setup so those Facebook users can auto-login to your site.
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